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In March I reported that Costco sues Acushnet regarding the popular Kirkland Signature golf ball. As you may recall, the Costco complaint states “[t]he need for such relief exists because Acushnet has wrongfully accused Costco of patent infringement and false advertising.” The following are some highlights from the complaint: Costco is ... Read More
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Which manufacturer do you think came up with this lubricated design?     The drawing comes from a patent application that published this week as US Pub. No. 20150165280 titled “Golf Club Head,” which describes the invention as: A golf club head having a reinforced striking face that includes a thin striking plate with ... Read More
June 19, 2015admin
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Want to increase your ball speed by 7 mph? Work on your toe shot! That's right, the impact position of the golf ball that is the most common miss by amateur golfers generally produces the highest ball speed. Now that you know this you will always find the center of the ... Read More
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Fat shovel-like soles, thick top lines, huge offsets, faces as big as a tennis racket; all club head characteristics that make Titleist purists puke in their mouths. The reality is that majority of iron sales are in the game improvement (GI) and super game improvement (SGI) categories. Back in the day, ... Read More
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