The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently announced that a record 145,300 PCT applications were filed in 2006. The United States led the way with just under 50,000 PCT applications filed, representing 34% of all PCT filings. Japanese applicants ranked second with 18.5% of the total applications, while Germany, the ... Read More
February 28, 2007admin
Continuing my series on “Innovative Uses of Golf Club Design Patents,” today we look at score lines (aka the decorative lines on the face of a driver that mimic grooves). Most people (even many patent attorneys) would never think of applying for design patent protection on the configuration of the ... Read More
February 27, 2007admin
Regular readers of this blog know that I believe design patents are underutilized in the golf industry, which is not to say that I don’t still believe that utility patents are king (as that is where the real IP “teeth” are). But design patents definitely have their place in an ... Read More
February 26, 2007admin
The “IP Grab of the Week” award goes to Karsten Manufacturing (makers of PING golf equipment). This week Karsten’s application titled “Center-of-Gravity Shafted Golf Putter and Method of Making Same” published as US Pub. No. US2007/0042831. The application is short and easy to read. To summarize: Karsten seeks to obtain ... Read More
February 23, 2007admin
“Test Your Knowledge” is becoming a recurring feature of In the last installment your knowledge of iron club head design was tested. Now let’s see how good are you at identifying a particular brand of golf putter when all the logos and trademarks are stripped off the putter? The ... Read More
February 23, 2007admin
Today a patent application titled “Method for Making a Golf Tee” caught my eye. The application published as US Pub. No. 2007/0042840 and is directed to a more environmentally friendly way of making golf tees. In other words, a process of making tees that does not waste as much wood ... Read More
February 22, 2007admin
Readers of this blog probably fancy themselves as knowing a little something about golf clubs, so this test should be a piece of cake. How good are you at identifying a particular brand of golf club when all the logos and trademarks are stripped off the club? The figure below ... Read More
February 21, 2007admin
Golf equipment manufacturers have been seeking patent protection on virtually every product variation imaginable in the past decade. Therefore when I decided to do some research on golf bag patents (both utility and design) I expected to find hundreds of patents and published applications. Surprisingly, there are very few utility ... Read More
February 20, 2007
Callaway Golf has had a good week... their players dominate the field on Sunday and they are awarded 2 golf ball patents and 1 golf club patent on Tuesday. Callaway was issued USPN 7,179,175 titled “Golf Club Having Stepped Grooves.” The ‘175 patent is definitely worth ... Read More
February 20, 2007admin
Every now and then an interesting golf accessory invention is patented. This week USPN 7,175,059 titled “Hydration Device / Golf Bag Carrying Harness Combination” issued. As a golfer that walks a lot of rounds on hot humid Ohio summer days, I can appreciate the market for this product and hope ... Read More
February 19, 2007admin