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Yes, that is a totally fake headline and I made up the “Fly-Z+ Squared” name. There is no evidence that Cobra Golf intends to use it for a product, and I just checked out recent trademark filings to see what they have been up to (very little by the way). ... Read More
November 7, 2015David Dawsey
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Trademark applications generally aren’t all that interesting, but two trademark applications filed in the past week by Callaway Golf have piqued my interest. The applications are: Available here & Available here Both applications list the goods as golf clubs. What could it be? A crazy new iron design with a sharp toe profile (my guess)? ... Read More
October 21, 2015David Dawsey
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The Next PING Driver?

by David Dawsey /
In a post on January 29th I predicted the look of a PING driver that would be on the market within 12 months. We are now 8 months through the 12 month window, yet I have not given up on the prediction. After all, Karsten design patents almost always represent ... Read More
September 29, 2015David Dawsey


In a post last week I pointed out several reasons why the Wilson driver design contest should fail; primarily because designers would have to be idiots to actually enter the contest. Unfortunately I suspect there will be plenty of entrants, probably leaning more toward those looking for 15-minutes of fame ... Read More
July 25, 2015David Dawsey


Be prepared to be disgusted and embarrassed for the companies involved in this contest, which it too bad because they took a really cool concept and got so over-the-top greedy that it is ruined. This morning I saw a mention of Wilson Golf's new Driver vs. Driver contest, which "may" become ... Read More
July 14, 2015David Dawsey


Which manufacturer do you think came up with this lubricated design?     The drawing comes from a patent application that published this week as US Pub. No. 20150165280 titled “Golf Club Head,” which describes the invention as: A golf club head having a reinforced striking face that includes a thin striking plate with ... Read More
June 19, 2015David Dawsey
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Yes, as usual, if my prediction is wrong I will go out and buy one! Interestingly, despite standing alone when it comes to promoting any meaningful advantage associated with CG height adjustability, Callaway seems to want to keep the driver design in question a secret. The patent application that resulted in ... Read More
May 22, 2015David Dawsey
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Please, we are never going to see one of the Nike Golf players gaming these sticks, but the concept is mildly intriguing and the look isn’t nearly as bad as I would have expected if someone had just described the concept to me. Check out these irons.   You get the gist, ... Read More
May 6, 2015David Dawsey


Can you guess which club maker intends to launch clubs under the Vortec name? Based upon a recently filed trademark application a PING Vortec product is in the works. As golf product names go, I give it a 7.5 out of 10, losing a few points because the name immediately ... Read More
May 4, 2015David Dawsey
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Please… of course not, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working on one, as evidenced by a recently published patent application. If they do launch one within the next 5 years I will applaud their gumption and actually purchase it (a pretty safe bet in my eyes). The patent application published ... Read More
March 8, 2015David Dawsey