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USGA Breakthrough

by David Dawsey /
Hopefully you picked up on the sarcasm in the title. Last month the USGA was issued patent USPN 9,180,350 titled “pace of play monitoring system.” Now, the USGA does not patent many inventions, so this got my attention for approximately 30 seconds before I said “you gotta be kidding me.” The ... Read More
December 20, 2015David Dawsey
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I will go out on a limb and state that it is unlikely that we will see this Nike golf shoe invention on Tiger’s feet anytime soon. Check this out.   The drawings come from a patent that recently issued as USPN 8,863,411 titled “Article of Footwear with a Detachable Wrap.” The patent ... Read More
November 15, 2014David Dawsey
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It has been a while since a golf training invention has provided me with a good laugh. Fortunately along came the invention disclosed in a patent application that recently published as US Pub. No. 20140179453 titled “Golf Eyeglasses Having Function of Correcting Various Swing Errors and Head Up Movement,” which describes ... Read More
September 26, 2014David Dawsey
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The guys over at @GolfClubWankers would love to get a picture of a 70 year old, 20+ handicapper, wearing a flat bill hat and sporting this golf accessory. If you aren’t following them on Twitter you should be; always good for a laugh. While skin cancer is no laughing matter, ... Read More
September 6, 2014David Dawsey