What is APW?

It is a trademark that ____________ intends to use in association with golf clubs, but I suspect it is really just another technology acronym rather than a new product name. After all, each new golf product must have at least three technologies, each with its own acronym. So what could ... Read More
November 20, 2013


Remember the rap duo Kris Kross? Of course you do, those were good times. While I am not sure if Callaway is launching a product line to honor the rap duo, they did file a trademark application for....
November 8, 2012


Last week Callaway Golf filed a trademark application for an interesting mark, namely __________ associated with “golf clubs.” What could they have in store?
November 26, 2010


I was honored to be a guest on the nationally syndicated Small Business Advocate® radio show this morning. Jim Blasingame and I discussed some of the most common intellectual property issues faced by small businesses when outsourcing. Feel free to listen to the interview HERE....
October 29, 2010


OK, that title may be a bit of a stretch for some, but I find it interesting. I recently wrote an article titled The Ryder Cup®, Intellectual Property, and the IP Ryder Cup for the UK Patent Office newsletter. Feel free to check it out.....
September 22, 2010


Phil’s testimony was excluded from the first ProV1 trial, but Callaway is doing their best to get it admitted in the second trial. This week Callaway filed a motion titled “Callaway Golf’s Motion to Introduce Deposition Testimony from Phil Mickelson,” which explained their view of why his deposition testimony is ... Read More
March 27, 2010


Following up on last year’s post “The Best and Worst Golf Club Names Filed with the USPTO so far in 2008”, let’s look at some of the more interesting golf club trademark applications filed in 2009. Here are some of my favorite names that we may see on golf clubs ... Read More
January 10, 2010


I was honored to be a guest on the nationally syndicated Small Business Advocate® radio show this morning. Jim Blasingame and I discussed competitive intelligence and steps that small business owners can take to monitor intellectual property issues in their industry. Feel free to listen to the interview HERE.....
August 10, 2009


I have authored many posts regarding celebrity athletes protecting their brands via the trademark system. Well, now it is time for these celebriletes (yes, I just made that word up) to take the next step to prevent others from snatching up a new Facebook vanity URL incorporating their trademarks. Recently the ... Read More
June 12, 2009


As you should know by now, the Callaway v. Titleist (Acushnet) golf ball battle has been pending for a couple of years, so a quick refresher is in order....... Now, for the update.... Yesterday, Acushnet’s attorneys filed a letter to the Court informing the Court that the US Patent & ... Read More
October 10, 2008