Bridgestone Sports had four golf ball related patent applications publish this week (January 18, 2007). US Pub. No. US2007/0015602 is very interesting (although few men would admit to making golf ball purchasing decisions based upon a distinctive “stylish” appearance). Check out claim 1: ... Read More
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The Golf Channel is looking for the "next big thing in golf." It sounds like a golf spin-off of the American Inventor TV show. You can learn more about the competition here. Please review the FAQ's regarding patents before you enter the competition. Kudos Golf Channel! ...
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The January 2007 edition of Golf Digest® magazine has a nice two page spread (pages 54-55) on the best and worst golf course logos. Few golfers would disagree that the Augusta National logo is the most well known golf course trademark. After all, most golfers ... Read More
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Two interesting golf ball patents issued this week (January 16, 2007), one assigned to Acushnet and the other to Taylor Made Golf. Acushnet’s new patent is USPN 7,163,472 titled “Golf Ball Dimples With A Catenary Curve Profile.” The ‘472 patent is directed to a ball ... Read More
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This is the first post of many on the USGA’s “A Guide To the Rules on Clubs and Balls.” The Guide is available online; however a printed copy should be on the desk of everyone involved in ball and club design. The USGA should be commended ... Read More
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The Trademark Branding Cap blog recently published two good posts on monitoring your competitors’ trademark filings to forecast new product launches and marketing campaigns. The first post provides an example search that you could run every month to monitor your main competitors. The second post goes a little deeper into ... Read More
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Practice… why practice, I plan to invent a product that makes golf easy. Given the plethora of wacky golf tee patents, this line of thinking must be fairly common. However, it is probably a lot easier for the average golfer to achieve a sizable payday by inventing the next new ... Read More
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For calendar year 2005, there were sixty-four patents granted on putter related inventions. Of the sixty-four patents granted, thirty-seven of them were design patents, while twenty-seven were utility patents. However, this simple statistic does not tell the whole story. Very few manufacturers would ever admit that ... Read More
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My first substantive post... not too serious, yet educational and informative. A historic look at patents covering the classic putters that we all know and love. Notice that these classics were all protected by utility patents, in addition to design patents. A future post will more closely examine putter patents ... Read More
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David Dawsey (“Me,” “Myself,” and “I”) offer this blog as a service to you subject to the following terms and conditions of use (“Terms”). By accessing, creating, or contributing to the Golf-Patents blog (“Blog”), and in consideration for the blog service that I provide to you, you agree to ... Read More
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