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In a post last week I pointed out several reasons why the Wilson driver design contest should fail; primarily because designers would have to be idiots to actually enter the contest. Unfortunately I suspect there will be plenty of entrants, probably leaning more toward those looking for 15-minutes of fame ... Read More
July 25, 2015admin


This week Max Out Golf, LLC sued COOL CLUBS, LLC / M&P GOLF, LLC and WORLDWIDE GOLF, INC. for alleged patent infringement. Golf gear heads will undoubtedly be familiar with Cool Clubs, and all indications suggest that WORLDWIDE GOLF, INC. is associated with Worldwide Golf Shops, parent company to Roger ... Read More
July 17, 2015admin


Be prepared to be disgusted and embarrassed for the companies involved in this contest, which it too bad because they took a really cool concept and got so over-the-top greedy that it is ruined. This morning I saw a mention of Wilson Golf's new Driver vs. Driver contest, which "may" become ... Read More
July 14, 2015admin
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The new Russian Roulette golf ball by Nike Golf; a nice politically incorrect name, something "The Donald" would come up with, not Nike Golf. Nonetheless, a golf ball patent issued this week that should be titled “Russian roulette golf ball,” but is actually titled “golf ball having a cover layer ... Read More
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