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Say what? A recently published Cobra Golf patent application discloses that some day such a ridiculous combination may be possible. Possible – yes, feasible – no! If it is feasible Cobra, make one up for me and it will be the only driver I play for 6-months! The application published as ... Read More
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Is this Jetsons-esque golf invention a birdie or a bogey? Last week Callaway Golf was awarded USPN 8,801,537 titled “Adjustable Golf Club Shaft and Hosel Assembly,” which describes the invention as: An adjustable golf club including a shaft and hosel assembly allows for dependent and independent adjustment of a golf club's face ... Read More
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Do you really want golfers accessing the inside of a new driver? Sure, it would be something different, but would it be different just for the sake of being different, or would there be a tangible benefit? To me it screams "bad idea" and "we better build up the warranty reserve ... Read More
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Yes, the marketing department at one golf company has marketer’s block (similar to writer’s block, only much harder to treat) and clearly they did not read the “Lighter, Faster, Longer” post at MyGolfSpy about golf’s marketing buzz words. Let one of their graphics summarize things for you.   Sure, given the periods ... Read More
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**UPDATE :: This is the Legacy Black product line released in Japan. You can pick one up here for $945. Say what, $945! Thanks to @AustieOdyssey for the info!**   Callaway X3 Hot? Possible New Technology? A couple of design patents issued to Callaway Golf yesterdayand contain some design cues that lead me ... Read More
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