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Nike Covert 3.0?

February 9, 2014
As I stated in a post back in April regarding some Nike Covert variations, golf equipment companies come up with a lot of club head designs in the process of developing one commercial product, majority of which golfers never get to see. Fortunately their patent applications often reveal some of ... Read More


Selecting a good product name is hard work. For every ten good names that the marketing guys come up with, one may survive a proper trademark clearance and protectability analysis. In the past Cleveland Golf has not been known for creative and catchy product names, however that may be a ... Read More


Just imagine the look on the faces of your golfing partners when you stroll up to the first tee with the latest _____ _____ brand golf bag, balls, and clubs!.... Boy, that is one heck of a list! You can check out the trademark application HERE. How is that for ... Read More


What would Titleist’s core market of "purists" think of this design?.... Place your bets; will this design ever become an actual Titleist product? My prediction; not a chance!....