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Most golf geeks are well aware of last week's media schmooze fest put on by Nike Golf (if not, read about it here and here). Apparently my invitation got lost in the mail; probably smart given my distrust of anything associated with over the top marketing. I prefer facts, technical ... Read More



What is APW?

November 20, 2013
It is a trademark that ____________ intends to use in association with golf clubs, but I suspect it is really just another technology acronym rather than a new product name. After all, each new golf product must have at least three technologies, each with its own acronym. So what could ... Read More


I wouldn’t bet on it because these "backstryke" driver designs could take down any golf company. Check out these beauties!.... The drawings come from a patent that issued today as USPN 8,585,510 titled “Golf Club Head With Improved Aerodynamic Characteristics.” The associated application was filed with a nonpublication request meaning ... Read More


Check out the designs disclosed in a Cobra Golf patent application that published this week.... Sure, I could see them incorporating phospholuminescent or glow-in-the-dark pigment, heck it might even be pretty cool, but “LEDs or other illumination elements within or around window” – give me a break. Prove me wrong ... Read More


Rumors are circulating that G-Mac has been testing this golf ball design and is going to put it in play in early 2014. OK, I haven’t actually heard any of these rumors, but they might be out there (and it makes this post a little more interesting). Check out the ... Read More


Well, it probably won't find a home in any golf equipment museum, but the invention is interesting nonetheless. The ground breaking invention at hand is found in a patent application that recently published as US Pub. No. 20130276211 titled....