A New Breakthrough in Foot Wedge Technology

How long would it take you to kick a golf ball around 9 holes? More importantly, could you do it without ending the round with a distinct limp? A long time, and no! Regardless, it would be fun to try this golf invention at least once.

This latest breakthrough in golf technology is found in a patent application that published this week as US Pub. No. 20130072317 titled “Golf Club Shoe Device,” which describes the invention as:

A golf ball kicking device having hands-free interchangeability of golf club heads comprising a mounting plate secured to the shoe and a retaining member affixed to the mounting plate and having a pivoting lever with a release member in communication with a rear face of a club head. The mounting plate has a magnet and the rear face of the club head is constructed of a magnetic material so as to releasably mount the club head onto the mounting plate. When the club head is secured against the magnet, the club head impacts upon the release member so as to pivot the pivoting lever to a first position. When sufficient force is applied to the pivoting lever, the pivoting lever pivots to a second position thereby directing the release member to impact upon the club head and dislodge the club head from the mounting plate.

The application goes on to explain:


[0003] Golf traditionally requires individuals to use a club or other striking implement to propel a golf ball towards a hole. Conventional golf clubs have an elongated shaft on which a club head is positioned. The club head has a face that impacts the ball as the shaft is swung by the golfer. Variations in the face and the shaft can change the parameters of the golf ball travel (e.g., the distance, loft or height, spin, etc.).

[0004] Unfortunately, some people are unable to manipulate a golf club to perform a proper swing of the club and shaft to controllably direct the flight of the golf ball. For example, disabilities, old age, injuries and other factors may prevent certain individuals (such as military veterans or those confined to a wheel chair) from gripping, lifting and/or swinging the club. These factors can foreclose these individuals from participation in the sport altogether. To alleviate these issues, and to allow individuals with certain impairments the ability to enjoy the game of golf, alternatives to the traditional golf club are needed. Indeed, some people may retain sufficient strength and coordination in their legs and feet so as to permit them to kick or otherwise strike a golf ball using their feet. Thus, these individuals may enjoy the experience of golf without the need for clubs.

[0005] As such, there is a need for a device that enables and encourages the enjoyment of the game of golf for individuals who are unable to swing a traditional golf club by providing for a shoe-based device wherein wearers strike the golf ball with their feet. Additionally, there is a need for a device that provides for interchangeability of various striking heads mounted onto the foot. Further, there is a need for striking head interchangeability which is hands-free and is completed solely by using one's feet. The present invention addresses these and other needs.


[0006] The present disclosure describes, in various embodiments, footwear and related implements that permit individuals to propel golf balls via motion of their legs (e.g., kicking motion). In one embodiment, the device comprises a mounting plate having a retaining member disposed on an article of footwear and a club head that is releasably secured to the retaining member. More particularly, examples of the retaining member require little interaction from the end user to remove and replace the club heads on the footwear. In certain embodiments, the retaining member provides an effectively "hands-free" solution in which the end user can remove and secure the club heads onto the mounting plate without (or with very limited) use of the hands.

Looks fun, but it would be more fun playing a round in which the penalty for taking a double-par or worse would be that you had to play the next hole only using your feet.

David Dawsey  – Keeping an Eye on Foot Wedge Technology
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