Herringbone Pattern Fans Will Love These Nike Grooves

Will we ever see clubs from Nike Golf with grooves that look like this?

The drawings come from a patent that recently issued as USPN 8,337,324 titled “golf clubs and golf club heads with high contact area groove configurations.” The patent describes the invention as:

Golf club heads for iron-type golf clubs (including 1 through 9 irons, iron-type hybrid clubs, driving irons, and wedges (e.g., pitching wedges, lob wedges, gap wedges, sand wedges, etc.)) include a striking face. The striking face may comprise a plurality of spaced, parallel grooves that extend across at least a portion of the striking face. The grooves may form a herringbone groove pattern. The herringbone groove pattern may include two or more rows of diagonal, parallel grooves slanting in alternate directions to form a series of parallel Vs. The grooves may be rounded. Other possible groove shapes also are described.

Don’t hold your breath waiting to find these in your local Golf Galaxy.

Dave Dawsey - The Golf Invention Lawyer
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