If You Like Bobbleheads Then You Will Love These Head Covers

I am sure the golfers in your foursome would love a gift from you consisting of a head cover with a bobblehead that resembles your mug! Check this out.

These drawings come from a patent application that recently published as US Pub. No. 20120261043 titled "Customizable Sporting Equipment Cover and Method of Manufacture." The application describes the invention as:

A sporting equipment cover consisting of a custom three-dimensional printed figurehead attached to a cover portion. The printed figurehead is fabricated from a three-dimensional scanned image of an individual using a three-dimensional ink jet printing process. The printed figurehead can be coated with one or more layers of a clear protective coating to increase the longevity of the printed figurehead. A mounting flange is formed about a mounting edge of the three-dimensional printed figurehead. The mounting flange is attached to the cover portion using a mounting bracket, a mechanical fastener, or other fastening interface. The cover portion can be designed to cover any sporting equipment, including golf clubs, racquets, etc. Alternatively, the printed figurehead can be a complete head and attached using a bobble head styled interface.
I hate to say it, but some golfers would buy these.

David Dawsey – Keeping an Eye on Golf Inventions

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