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Don’t pull this invention out while playing a round of golf with me unless you want to see my head explode (and learn how fast I can turn my pitching wedge into a deadly accurate spear). The invention looks like a foolproof way to annoy everyone in your group and ... Read More


We know Callaway’s drivers have the “Speed Frame” face, but it will be interesting to see what __________ has planned for their “Power Frame.” They recently file a trademark application seeking to register the Power Frame trademark for use with everything from clubs and shafts to bags, gloves, tees, and ... Read More


A recent trademark application filed by ___________ indicates that they plan to use the GEAR HEAD trademark in association with golf clubs, golf bags, and head covers for golf clubs. It will be interesting to see if this is a new product line or if they use the mark more ... Read More


Nike Golf had an interesting patent application publish this week as US Pub. No. 20130017898 titled “Golf Clubs and Golf Club Heads Having Adjustable Characteristics.” The application describes the invention as.... What do you think, will we ever see irons with piezoelectric adjustable grooves?....


Will we ever see clubs from Nike Golf with grooves that look like this?....


Sometimes the drawings in a patent just draw you in and make you want to learn “the rest of the story.” That was the case when I came across USPN 8,342,983 titled “Golf Putter.” Check out the following figures and description of how this putter will improve your putting, then ... Read More


Forget about all the corporate press releases, the PGA Show, and the buzz in the forums about the deluge of new golf equipment for 2013, this may be the most unique golf product of the year. Well, probably not.... I smell an endorsement deal for Steve Williams (yes, he has ... Read More


I am sure the golfers in your foursome would love a gift from you consisting of a head cover with a bobblehead that resembles your mug! Check this out....



A New PING in 2013?

January 1, 2013
PING drivers are known for their classic simple designs. Purists love the designs, but in today’s market a little more pizazz may be necessary to maintain their market share. This morning two design patents issued that may give us a glimpse of some new styling queues for PING drivers in ... Read More