Male or Female Inventor? High-Heel Golf Shoes

Check out the golf shoes disclosed in a patent application that recently published as US Pub. No. 20120266498 titled “golf shoe.”

What do you think, is the listed inventor a man or a woman?

The application describes the invention as:

A golf shoe is disclosed comprising an upper portion coupled to a sole. The upper portion of the shoe is sized to receive a foot. The sole may have a front portion and a rear portion. The rear portion may have an elevation that is greater than the elevation of the front portion such that, when worn by a golfer, the heel of the foot is elevated above the toes of the foot.

It goes on to explain some of the benefits (besides looking cute) as:

[0018] With the shoe FIG. 2, 100 the golfer may improve over a standard golf shoe, the ability to maintain a more effective weight distribution (e.g., weight on the heels during upswing and on the toes during downswing), spine angle, and knee flex during the set up and throughout the golf swing. For example, as the body turns into the backswing and the weight shifts back into the heels of the foot, the elevated heel of the shoe FIG. 2, 100 may create a solid foundation for the golfer's weight. The angle of the shoe, slanting down from the back to the front, may facilitate weight transfer from the heels to the toes at impact. The elevation and support provided by the shoe may compensate for any lack of flexibility, strength, and/or consistency in, for example, amateur players, older players, less athletic players, and others.

[0019] The shoe 100 may, by improving the performance of golfers, including less athletic, experienced, or traditional golfers, make the game of golf accessible and enjoyable to a wider range of individuals. For example, elevating the heel at impact may improve the golfer's ability to make a stronger move at the ball 14 on the down swing which may result in improving the golfer's contact with the ball 14. Additionally, the elevated heel of the shoe 100 may create flex in the knees which may further create torque during the backswing and may eliminate locking of the back leg. The knee flex and resulting torque may allow the golfer to assume a more athletic position to make a stronger move toward the ball 14 than if the weight was maintained differently, for example, with both feet flat on the ground or weight positioned more heavily on either front or back foot.

Heck, with those benefits maybe we will start seeing men wear high-heel golf shoes!

Now the answer…. The inventor’s name is Micky and a little cyber-investigation suggests that Micky is female! Surprised? Sorry ladies, I am sure you were ready to do some man-bashing for developing these; and now you are probably saying "you go girl, great idea!"

David Dawsey  – Watching Shoe Patents

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