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Come on, would Callaway really save money on R&D by borrowing design elements from the famous Burrow’s Golf MAC Powersphere? Of course not; well.... you decide........ Let me start by saying that I was blown away last week by the look of the 2013 Callaway X Forged Irons; simply beautiful. ... Read More


Some inventions are just way ahead of their time. Perhaps in 10 years we will all be playing golf balls that provide a readout of our last shot’s ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry, and roll; but I am not going to bet on it (although it would be ... Read More


Ignore your initial gut feeling that a smoking golf ball is ridiculous and just think about how much time it could shave off a round of golf. I think Nike Golf is on to something here, although the golfers that could benefit most from it would be the ones that ... Read More


Any chance these glasses would actually improve your game?.... While I don’t have much faith in the usefulness of these glasses, I would be happy to let my opponents wear them during a match....


Nike Golf has no shortage of interesting patent applications, I just wish some of the more unusual designs would actually make it into a product. This week they had a patent application published directed to an air channel extending through a driver from the heel side to the toe side. ... Read More


For those of you that are too young to know what “jump the shark” means, click HERE to brush up on some classic TV history! Today a Scotty Cameron patent application published as US Pub. No. 20120252596 titled “Golf Club with Bezeled Jewelry” leading me to believe the shark has ... Read More



Nice Head Cover!

October 2, 2012
I has been a while since covering a good head cover patent. Does this one make you want to reach for the wallet?....