Another Unusual Hosel Design from Callaway; Are They Onto Something, or Searching for a Miracle

Last week I authored a post titled “The New Look of Callaway Drivers?,” which revealed an unusual hosel design. That “unusual” hosel design looks mild compared to the hosel design that is disclosed in a design patent that issued today to Callaway Golf. Check out this design.

The drawings from USPN D635,628 titled “Golf Club Hosel.” Gulp, that is ugly; but it is a level of ugliness that I could get past if they convince me that it would somehow improve my game (you know the drill…. just guarantee me 5 more yards). Actually, I hear that Phil is going to introduce this driver to the world on Thursday at Augusta; yeah right!

Dave Dawsey  - Keeping an Eye on Innovative Golf Club Design Patents

PS – check out some interesting golf tee inventions here 
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