Mizuno Hit With Patent Infringement Lawsuit Concerning Their Shaft Optimizer

Patent infringement lawsuits occur everyday and in every industry. In fact, most major companies in the golf industry are sued for patent infringement at least once a year. Unfortunately for Mizuno, last week was their time. The patent infringement complaint alleges that the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer infringes USPN 6,607,450 titled “Golf Swing Frequency Analyzer,” which describes the invention as:

A golf swing analyzer that can be attached to a golf club shaft. The analyzer includes a housing with an integral shaft mount. The housing contains an internal chamber in which an accelerometer, microprocessor and data storage are contained, and an output display screen mounted to the housing. The analyzer measures acceleration during a golfer's swing and calculates the frequency of a club that would be straight at ball impact.

Check out a PDF of the patent HERE, and the complete Complaint HERE.

Dave Dawsey   - The IP Golf Guy

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