Are Fluid Filled Irons on the Horizon?

Almost two and a half years ago I posted about a Nike patent application directed to an iron design having a fluid-filled bladder. Well, the application made its way through the patent office and issued last week as USPN 7749100 titled “Golf Clubs and Golf Club Heads Having Fluid-Filled Bladders and/or Interior Chambers.” The fact that Nike saw the application all the way through the patent application prosecution process and paid to have the patent issue makes me wonder if we will actually see a commercial product with a fluid-filled bladder. Wouldn’t that be interesting! Click HERE to read the prior post and learn about this design.

If you can’t get enough of the subject then you can also click HERE to review a patent issued to Fu Sheng regarding a club head incorporating a “gas cushion.”


David Dawsey   – The Golf Attorney
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