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Earlier this week I posted (HERE ) about a new Nike design that I initially thought was a putter and turned out to be a driver. Well this week a related patent application published that throws a few more wild designs in the mix. Check them out!..... I guess the ... Read More
July 29, 2010admin


I suspect the in-house attorneys at the big golf companies have just been waiting to be named in a false patent marking lawsuit. Recently false patent marking lawsuits have become quite the rage based upon a plaintiff's hopes of a major payday due to the quantity of products sold containing ... Read More
July 26, 2010admin


Nike R&D must be a pretty cool place to work because it doesn’t look like they rule out any club head designs as being too radical. In fact, just check out a few recent posts on some of their interesting designs (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE). Well, this week ... Read More
July 24, 2010admin


Ugh, I am so sick of hearing about Tiger’s new Nike putter, which seems to now be his old putter, and I am a guy that likes hearing the announcers talk about the equipment being used (and I actually do like the putter). Despite my disgust, I bet the Nike ... Read More
July 20, 2010admin


I recently stumbled across a patent directed to a unique training device. The patent is USPN 7104897 titled “Golf Swing Training Device,” which describes the invention as.... It doesn’t look like it could hurt my swing, so I would give it a try.....
July 19, 2010admin


Almost two and a half years ago I posted about a Nike patent application directed to an iron design having a fluid-filled bladder. Well, the application made its way through the patent office and issued last week as USPN 7749100 titled “Golf Clubs and Golf Club Heads Having Fluid-Filled Bladders ... Read More
July 18, 2010admin


Today I get to recycle an old post regarding the trademark portfolio related to the British Open. Click HERE to find out who really owns the OPEN registered trademark!....
July 17, 2010admin


This post is following up on yesterday’s post titled “Acushnet Responds to Callaway’s Request for a New Trial ” (which was following up on the original post titled “Callaway’s Request for a Mulligan Regarding the ProV1 Litigation ”) and details the Callaway “Reply in Support of its Motion for a ... Read More
July 12, 2010admin


Recall the post from a couple of months ago titled “Callaway’s Request for a Mulligan Regarding the ProV1 Litigation ?” Well, Acushnet has filed their response explaining why they believe that Callaway is not entitled to a new trial (click HERE to read the entire response). Yes, a lot of ... Read More
July 11, 2010admin


A few weeks ago I received notice of a $3.2 million verdict awarded to Izzo against King Par (see verdict sheet HERE), and Izzo has asked the court to award over $400k in attorneys fees and expenses. I could not recall the case so I was in no hurry to ... Read More
July 7, 2010David Dawsey