A Putter Grip Unlike Any Other

Check out this beauty of a putter grip!

The drawings come from a recently published patent application; namely, US Pub. No. 20090312114 titled “Golf Putter with a New Type of Grip.” The application explains:

The invention provides a new type of putter for golfers to improve their putting accuracy and stability. The grip is shaped to help users lock all joints on their hands and arms in place, and thus limits golfer’s movement of those muscles. By locking all joints and muscles, golfers can concentrate on using only the back and shoulder muscles to putt, making it much easier to have the putter face perpendicular to the intended golf ball path on the x-y plane. Not only would this allow more accurate, stable putts, with repeated usage of this device, golfers will become accustomed to using their back and shoulder muscles to putt, and hence improve their putting skill even with a regular putter.

Ahhh, the perfect marriage of a bowling glove and a golf grip; however, think there may be some trouble getting USGA approval on this grip?

Dave Dawsey  - Keeping an Eye on Golf Grip Inventions

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