The ProV1 Litigation Update: Get Them While You Can.... Permanent Injunction Granted and No ProV1's Beyond 2008!

Delaware District Court Judge The Honorable Sue L. Robinson has been busy. Yesterday the Court issued several Orders that may influence your golf ball purchases over the next few weeks!

Unfortunately I am tied up with prior commitments today and cannot summarize the documents for you (and no, my prior commitments do not involve purchasing every ProV1 that I can find in hopes of selling them for a nice premium, although that might not be a bad idea).

Fortunately, I know that the readers of the Golf-Patents blog are smart and will enjoy reading the Court’s Memos free of my commentary. After all, the Memos do contain excellent summaries of the case and issues. Below are links to the actual Court documents:

Memorandum Opinion regarding Judgment as a Matter of Law (JMOL), Permanent Injunction, and Motion for Stay

Memorandum Opinion regarding Callaway’s Breach of Contact Claims
-  Related Motion and Brief that was Granted re the Breach of Contract Claims

I will try to contribute more on this new development late this evening or tomorrow. Enjoy!

David Dawsey  – The IP Golf Guy

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