Does Your Club Face Need Some Engineered Texturing? Taylor Made Thinks So!

An interesting patent issued this week to Taylor Made. The patent is USPN 7445561 titled “Golf Club Striking Face,” which describes the invention as:

A golf club head in accordance with the invention includes a front wall defining a forward striking face having an engineered texture thereon. The engineered texture includes a prescribed, regular pattern of discrete, geometric shapes spaced at least 0.1 mm apart from each other, each shape having a volume that is less than 0.0007 cubic mm. Preferred methods of manufacturing the engineered texture of the forward striking face include treating the face by chemical etching, precision micro-saw-cutting, and laser cutting. The engineered texture enhances the performance of the golf club head upon striking a golf ball, providing one or more of an increased high backspin, a lower launch angle, and a higher balls speed, as compared to a golf club head not incorporating such an engineered texture.

Now, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.....

Pretty cool stuff!

Dave Dawsey  - Watching Golf Technology

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