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An interesting driver design appeared in a patent application that recently published as US Pub. No. 20080280697 titled “Golf Club Head and Shaft Assembly.” While I would like to swing an actual production driver constructed per this design, my gut tells me that I have seen this concept disclosed several ... Read More
November 30, 2008admin


An interesting golf ball patent issued this month to Acushnet. The patent is USPN 7452291 titled “Foam-Core Golf Balls” and describes the invention as.... The patent provides a nice discussion of the significance of the core to a golf ball’s performance.... Interesting stuff, and I bet you learned something ... Read More
November 29, 2008admin


Patent applications directed to unique methods of putting always grab my attention. Perhaps it is because no matter how bad I am putting I would never think that I should just try unconventional methods of holding and swinging the putter until my putting improves (probably a result of close my ... Read More
November 22, 2008admin


Yesterday Acushnet did what it promised and filed an appeal to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) in the Titleist ProV1 patent dispute. The case was destined for an appeal; it was just a matter of when it would occur. After all, since there has been over ... Read More
November 20, 2008admin


Well, it is long overdue.... the time has come for me to eat my words! While reviewing my posts regarding the ProV1 litigation in an effort to refresh my memory regarding the case I stumbled upon a prediction that I made in a prior post. I gave my prediction regarding ... Read More
November 19, 2008admin


OK, the title may be a little misleading. Callaway and Acushnet did settle a patent infringement lawsuit, just not the lawsuit that has garnered so much recent publicity. Regular readers of the Golf-Patents blog will recall that Callaway and Acushnet (parent company of Titleist and Cobra) have been fighting it ... Read More
November 16, 2008admin


Delaware District Court Judge The Honorable Sue L. Robinson has been busy. Yesterday the Court issued several Orders that may influence your golf ball purchases over the next few weeks! Unfortunately I am tied up with prior commitments today and cannot summarize the documents for you (and no, my prior ... Read More
November 11, 2008admin


An interesting patent application published this week as US Pub. No. 20080274838 titled “Golf Ball Positioning Dispenser for Putting Practice.” The application describes the invention as.... Looks like a pretty good idea, but a rather limited market.
November 9, 2008admin


An interesting patent issued this week to Taylor Made. The patent is USPN 7445561 titled “Golf Club Striking Face,” which describes the invention as.... Now, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words..... Pretty cool stuff!
November 6, 2008admin


How familiar are you with the new lines of irons? Do these look familiar? If not, get your priorities in order!.....
November 5, 2008admin