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This week a wedge design patent issued on a wedge that is more identifiable than a classic Cleveland or Vokey wedge. You should recognize the wedge found in USPN D569932 (titled “Golf Club Head”) from the ton of advertisements in golf magazines......
May 31, 2008admin


Can you guess which young golf pro has filed for trademark protection of his name associated with the following products?..... Golf clubs, golf bags, golf bag covers, golf club head covers, golf bag tags, golf balls, golf ball markers, golf gloves, golf tees, divot repair tools, golf club grips, golf ... Read More
May 31, 2008admin


OK, the title is somewhat misleading..... The following lists of the “best” and “worst” US golf club trademarks are really just MY favorite, and least favorite, names for golf clubs. There is nothing “legal” about it. My favorites are....... My least favorite are...... Those are some interesting names!
May 29, 2008admin


A trademark application filed in March is likely to get some attention from Karsten Manufacturing (makers PING brand golf clubs). The application is for the mark _____ _____. The application describes the goods associated with the mark as...... So, does this application pass the common sense test? Do you think ... Read More
May 28, 2008admin


About one year ago I reported that GPS Industries and Optimal IP Holdings filed a patent infringement lawsuit against 10 defendants that I characterized as reading like a Who’s Who of the golfing GPS world....... Now it is a year later and many of the defendants find themselves listed as ... Read More
May 27, 2008David Dawsey


Everyone has heard the marketing hype regarding dual durometer golf grips, but what about putter face inserts? This week PING (actually Karsten) was granted a patent for just that. The patent is USPN 7374499 titled “Golf Club Head with Dual Durometer Face Insert” and describes the invention as.....
May 26, 2008admin


Ahh, more golf industry patent infringement litigation; the stuff that makes attorneys smile. The PING Rapture is the latest target of patent infringement allegations. Yesterday VyaTek Sports, Inc. sued Ping, Inc. and Karsten Manufacturing Corporations for allegedly infringing two of VyaTek’s patents. Click HERE to read the actual Complaint. The ... Read More
May 23, 2008admin


On Tuesday an interesting utility patent issued on a pretty popular putter design. OK, “pretty popular” may be a stretch, but it is a pretty "unique", or distinctive, putter that true putter aficionados will likely recognize. The patent is USPN 7374497 titled “Golf Putter Head With Visual Alignment System.” Do ... Read More
May 22, 2008admin


Marketing types always say.... it is all about brand recognition. I suppose “brand recognition” is slightly different than “golf club design patent drawing recognition,” (ok, more than slightly) but they are not entirely unrelated. The following drawings come from a driver design patent that issued yesterday to one of the big ... Read More
May 21, 2008admin


I bet that at least 77% of golfers will not recognize this driver. The following drawing comes from a driver design patent that issued recently to one of the big guys. Do you recognize this club?.....
May 20, 2008admin