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As you may recall, back in late December Nike filed a lawsuit taking on the clones (Illinois Northern District Court; 07-c-7108). Specifically, Nike’s December 18th complaint named King Sports, Inc. dba Turbo Power Golf, Hung Ying Chang, Krookedstix, Inc., and Gigagolf, Inc. as defendants. Click HERE to review the prior ... Read More
March 10, 2008admin


It took about a week, but the redacted version of Acushnet’s response to Callaway’s request for a permanent injunction is in! Apparently links to this blog have been pretty popular, as I have learned from Acushnet’s Brief in Opposition that “[a] Callaway sales representative has also circulated a link to ... Read More
March 6, 2008admin


Those that have been following the Callaway versus Acushnet golf ball litigation battle probably know that at this time there are really two key subjects that remain open. First, there are the issues associated with Callaway’s Motion for a Permanent Injunction (click here and here for the highlights). ... Read More
March 4, 2008admin


Back in the fall I authored a post about a patented putting method. Judging from the number of page views and links to the post, I suspect a lot of golfers were surprised to learn that a putting method could be patented; although, let’s face it, the patented putting ... Read More
March 1, 2008David Dawsey