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This week Karsten (makers of PING putters) had an interesting patent application publish as US Pub. No. 2008005121 titled “Acoustically Tunable Golf Club Head.” The application describes the invention as...... Check out these figures from the application...... I hope this putter makes it to market!
February 28, 2008admin


On Friday February 22nd Saso Golf filed a patent infringement complaint in the Northern District of Illinois alleging that Nike has infringed two Saso golf club patents; namely USPN 5645495 and USPN 6620055, both simply titled “Golf Club.” Click HERE to read the Complaint. It should be interesting ... Read More
February 27, 2008admin


Those following the contentious Titleist ProV1 golf ball patent infringement lawsuit may have known that yesterday was Acushnet’s deadline to file their “Answering Brief” in response to Callaway’s Motion for a Permanent Injunction (click here to review). Boy, I was looking forward to some good reading material; unfortunately, 9 of ... Read More
February 26, 2008admin


Time to brush-up on your knowledge of ferrofluids, magnetorheological fluids, inverse magnetorheological fluids, and magnetorheological elastomers. Today a patent application published with the title “adaptive golf ball,” and describes the invention as a “smart golf ball.” OK, that got my attention. It just so happens I have been looking for ... Read More
February 21, 2008admin


A design patent issued yesterday under the title “Rocket Golf Tee,” so I just had to check it out and share it with you. Check out these figures from USPN D562420!.........(drawings)........ Interesting, but will it help your shots go any farther or straighter?
February 20, 2008admin


Ready to test your iron knowledge? No worries, this test should be easy for the avid golfer (or anyone with good analytical skills… i.e. there is a hint in the drawing). The figure below comes from a US golf club iron head design patent that issued this week to a ... Read More
February 20, 2008admin


Every golfer has at some point suffered from a case of the shanks. I know that I do at least twice a season. Judging from number of off-set wedge related patents I would say that golfers spend a lot of time thinking about how it must be a problem with ... Read More
February 18, 2008admin


I like to collect odd golf clubs. Not necessarily ones that perform particularly well; just unique clubs, most commonly odd looking clubs (shape and material). I am looking for the following clubs… right handed… condition is not critical, but they have to be able to be hit. If you have ... Read More
February 16, 2008admin


Golfers, are you a golf bag patent infringer? If you use the Callaway Warbird XTT, Warbird HOT, Terra Firma X, Terra Firma XI, or the Hyper-X, then you just might be a patent infringer (but that is for a court to decide). On Tuesday......
February 15, 2008admin


Last Valentine’s Day I wrote about a golf ball with heart shaped dimples (click here). Ahh, so sappy and sweet! I have been keeping a published patent application a secret just for a Valentine’s Day post; or more appropriate, I doubt anyone was looking for it. Nonetheless, the application title ... Read More
February 14, 2008admin