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I knew that title would get you interested… but seriously, this post may contain the next hot new golf shoe design and perhaps a glimpse into future FootJoy offerings. Yesterday Acushnet was granted 6 golf shoe design patents. The patents are USPN's D560338, D560339, D560340, D560341, D560342, and D560343; all ... Read More
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On Friday Stroke Solutions, Inc., maker of the SuperStroke putter grip that KJ has made famous, filed patent infringement lawsuits against Tacki-Mac Grips, Inc. and Energy Grip, Inc. in the Eastern District of Wisconsin. The actual Complaints filed with the court do not contain much information, but ... Read More
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Last week’s post titled “Callaway Seeks Permanent Injunction… Is There A Risk That Titleist ProV1’s Will No Longer Be Available?” has obtained the distinction of being the most widely read Golf-Patents blog post of all time! Well, this one should beat it. This post is not related to Callaway’s ... Read More
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As you will recall, last month Dogleg Right sued TaylorMade Golf alleging infringement of two of patents directed to CG customizable golf clubs. Click HERE to read a prior post on the subject. Today TaylorMade filed their Answer (click HERE to read) to the Dogleg Right Complaint ... Read More
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I often think… “man, serving as an agent to a few of the guys out on the PGA Tour must be a sweet life.” Negotiate some contracts, arrange some cool endorsement deals, travel to the best courses, and perhaps arrange for a cab ride home after a client has a ... Read More
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I have received several emails recently inquiring as to the status of the GPS patent infringement litigation against SkyHawke (maker of SkyCaddie), and others. As you may recall from these prior posts (initial, update 1, update 2, update 3, and update 4), on May 11th GPS Industries and Optimal IP ... Read More
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Jan2008 has repeatedly used putter design patents to test your knowledge of putter designs (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5, example 6, example 7, example 8, and example 9). Today a unique golf putter design patent issued that ... Read More
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Regular readers of the Golf-Patents blog know that Callaway and Acushnet are slugging it out regarding golf balls and golf clubs. Click here to brush up on the background of the golf club patent infringement lawsuit. The most recent interesting event in the club lawsuit involves a subpoena being ... Read More
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As you will recall from the prior post regarding the verdict in the Callaway v. Acushnet… last month a jury found that 8 of the 9 claims at issue are valid… and therefore infringed by Acushnet. Then, a Callaway spokeswoman said… "We have now established in court that our ... Read More
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As I expressed in this prior post, I love golfers’ commitment to the belief that golf club heads should have fins and wings! Recently a patent application published that espouses all the perceived benefits of wings. The application is US Pub. No. 20070293333 titled “Golf Club.” Check out ... Read More
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