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As you may recall from a prior post, Callaway sued Acushnet for golf ball patent infringement back in February of 2006. The suit (1:06-cv-00091-SLR) alleges that Acushnet infringed 4 patents and has roots that extend all the way back to a previously settled 1996 lawsuit between Spalding and Acushnet. The ... Read More
October 15, 2007admin


The following drawing comes from a patent application that published yesterday as US Pub. No. 20070238540 titled “Golf Practice Assembly with Multi Target and Trajectory Analysis.” Do you see something that is a little out of the ordinary? (scroll way down in the post for the answer)
October 12, 2007admin


I love finding ridiculous golf club patents. Perhaps it is my fascination with the inventors. Do the really think their crazy club designs are going to be the next hot golf product resulting in fame and fortune? Fortunate for me, there seems to be an endless supply of crazy golf club ... Read More
October 11, 2007admin


What is golf ball seam spew? Well, a recently issued Srixon (aka SRI Sports) patent provides a nice background explanation… As you may know, a golf ball is usually formed by upper and lower molds having hemispherical cavities. A molding method such as an injection molding method, a compression molding ... Read More
October 10, 2007admin


The Golf-Patents blog has tested your knowledge of driver and wood designs in the past (here, here, here, here, here, and here). Today a design patent issued on a popular driver. Do you recognize this club?...(drawing)... You can click here for the answer, and click here to check out USPN ... Read More
October 9, 2007admin


Don’t worry if you have never heard of “overlap saturation.” Marketers have not latched onto it as the hot marketing buzzword. Just ask yourself… five years ago did the average golfer know what MOI stood for? Acushnet penned the term “overlap saturation,” abbreviated OS, which is the ratio of the ... Read More
October 8, 2007admin


Check out this putter patent application. The application recently published as US Pub. No. 20070191136 titled “Putter Type Golf Club and a Method of Using It.” The application describes the invention as..... So, do you think this putter would meet the USGA equipment rules for putters?
October 6, 2007admin


A recently published patent application caught my eye. The application was titled “Fishing Rod with a Sports Style Handle” and published as US Pub. No. 20070193105. The application describes the invention as..... Check out these figures..... The perfect mix of fishing and golfing.
October 5, 2007admin


I just happened upon this website created by the class action attorneys that are representing PGA Golf Professionals that were / are employed by Dick’s Sporting Goods and did not get paid for overtime hours. The website explains that the primary goal in this class action is to recover unpaid ... Read More
October 4, 2007


Readers of the Golf-Patents blog know that I frequently write on the subject of trade secrets in the golf industry. Few would dispute that it is a close knit industry. Well, recently Callaway's director of Odyssey Brand Management accepted a position as Nike Golf’s marketing director and was supposed to ... Read More
October 4, 2007David Dawsey