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As you may recall from a prior post, on June 8, 2007 Callaway filed a golf club patent infringement lawsuit alleging that Acushnet has willfully infringed 5 Callaway patents. Then, as discussed in a subsequent post, on July 12, 2007 Acushnet filed their Answer to the Complaint thereby (i) stating ... Read More
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A patent on a method of holding a golf club… amazing! Mind blowing, isn’t it? No, not really… there are several patents on methods of holding and swinging golf clubs (usually putters). For example, this week USPN 7261652 titled “Method of Holding a Putter and Putting a Golf Ball” issued. Check ... Read More
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The show begins with the following 10 finalists (out of over 1000 inventions):...(list)... Last week the president of GolfSmith was allowed to select one of the inventions for immunity. He selected the Club Glider travel bag to get his pass into the final five. The panel and the inventors then ... Read More
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This week yet another swing training device invention was granted a patent. I can’t tell if it would be helpful, hurtful, or neither. The patent is USPN 7261653 titled “Golf Swing Training Apparatus” and describes the invention as:... Check out this drawing of the device... I bet the great instructors ... Read More
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Did you catch this week’s Golf Digest article regarding rumors that the USGA and R&A will be officially adopting a previously proposed rule that would allow for greater club head adjustability? If not, check it out. The article got me thinking about the early innovators of adjustable golf club heads. There ... Read More
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Ask most golfers about aerodynamics and they will immediately start spouting off buzz words pertaining to golf balls… dimples, drag, lift, etc… Well, have you ever thought about the aerodynamics of your golf clubs? Fortunately there have been many inventors over the years that have been fixated on the aerodynamics of the golf ... Read More
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If you love golf history (and have a little extra money) then you may want to drop by NYC on September 27-28 for a huge auction. I refuse to promote the auction house because they make you buy the auction catalogue just to see what is even up for auction (what ... Read More
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This beauty of a golf club is disclosed in USPN D501,903 titled “Golf Club Head.”...(drawings)... Frankly, I was hoping to find a utility application listing the same inventor so that I could learn what was behind the accordion look. Perhaps, each layer has slightly different material properties for optimum deformation ... Read More
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The show is down to the following 10 finalists (out of over 1000 inventions):...(list)... Someone at The Golf Channel decided that watching the inventors refine their sales pitches would make interesting television. WRONG! ... I actually almost fell asleep. No kidding. This segment made me wish I were listening to judge Bill ... Read More
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The “odd club of the week” award goes to the club found in USPN D539,861 titled “Golf Club Head.”...(figures)... While it may look ridiculous, I doubt that I would hit it any worse (or better) than my normal wedge.
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